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qew’s poem

Our Future…

people on earth now have all died
there was only a few of the strong that survived
those of them that had two faces
that hid in the long dark spaces
which all came from different places
from each of the worlds forgotten nations
with no hope of ever relating
people never stopped hating
these people were not strong enough
to handle a thing that was so tough
to live in a world with no sun nor shade
to go on with out eating for days upon days
to survive all the panic and murderous ways
it was human nature to destroy what they’d made

how many people had you met
that without them you would regret
the life that they have left behind
a worthless life of pain and crime
people who didn’t deserve to live
shouldn’t have had the choice to give
who didn’t believe in what they cant touch
and shattered a world without trying to much

how many people had u met
that you could have bet
would have been there to save the day
when your world had all gone away
maybe just one, or two maybe three
for if you could you’d be lucky you see
because in this whole world
there was only a handful
of the people who stood to do battle
they were there no matter the odds
they stood strong and tall with a cause
and caught the pieces that once was didn’t matter
and tried to rebuild the world that was shattered
they saved the place they once called home
the worst was behind them and started to roam

the human race was almost gone at last
and I’m telling you it came to pass
a day when all these people who
stood up for what they believed was true
fought for what once was theirs
and saved them from their final hours
they lead them threw the darkest night
to see the day, to see the light

people did whatever they could
without stopping to think if they should
if it raised up their own station
they would go to war and kill a whole nation
this is what those people believed in
a world that survived in total sin
one day they all finally learned
that their world was bought before it was earned
and they were pressured by the others
into killing each of their own brothers
and the weak ones didn’t take long to die
and only the strong could ever survive

but until that day they sat in wait
when it was already far too late
and this world they once built was destructed
taught each a lesson about how they had f*cked it
they sat and slit their own throats open
until the last word that was spoken
not words of wisdom that were chosen
but just sounds of muffled torture
the blood rained on them and it poured
then it was all so perfectly clear
that in the end there was nothing to fear
it was the the one true calling
that all these people must die falling

chose your friends and chose them well
for a world of people are all dammed to hell
when they saw the final humiliation
of this existence in which they were raised in
they looked back and saw how foolish they were
and felt even lower being the men that they are

and when it was all over
the earth just shrugged its shoulders
for a great weight had been lifted
death of man was their greatest thing gifted
balance would be brought back to this earth
a cleansing, a healing, a complete rebirth

maybe if some of them had survived
they would teach the children how not to die
and learn from mistakes that they had once made
that lead them to their early graves
and one day things would be just fine
when people were forgotten the sun did shine
and shone brighter and grew grass greener than ever
the end of the plague of people was better late than never

this, inevitability
was due to the inability
to see our own destiny
we have this one warning
to see our fate unfolding
we can see it coming
why do we keep running
from a chaotic fate for which we wait
the only way to end the hate
it was the only way
it was the price we paid
why is it all these people had to die?
so that only the strong would survive

the people who died with great pain
did not do so all in vain
the ones who remain if any in heaven
a time will come where peace will settle
the greatest lesson we could learn
was taught to us by those who burned
was that nothing is given unless it is earned

maybe it was global warming
if it was it came without warning
maybe then they started the bombing
to finally begin the worlds great calming
but the hate grew and grew so much
that i think that’s what killed all of us

whatever the reason
whatever season
it maybe be this year
it maybe in twenty
but it will happen
and we wont be ready
I’ve seen it happen in a dream
as horrible as it may seem
you may think its just crazy
your sight is just a little hazy
you can break all the branches
you can tear off the leaves
but i can still see the forest
through all the trees
this is our chaotic fate
but if we try it is not too late

no more terror no more cancer
no more governments is the answer
no more countries and wouldn’t it seem funny
if we all didn’t have to fight over money
we wouldn’t have to go to war
because we’d forget what we’re fighting for

a world built from high above
a world built with peace and love
a world to keep a world our own
a world that we could call our home

it had to be our final goodbye
before we realized that we would all die
finally tho at the very least
this world we destroyed will be at peace
too bad we had to learn this way
why can’t we all start today?

– qew

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