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» The Olympic Stanley Cup: Montreal 1977, Calgary 1989, Vancouver 2011?

May 25, 2011 Leave a comment

A coworker shared an interesting bit of NHL trivia with me last month. Every time a Canadian city has hosted the Olympics, it has won the Stanley Cup the following year. Personally I think this trend would be similar to flipping a coin twice on the moon, landing heads both times, and then claiming that a coin always lands on heads on the moon. Of course the math isn’t that simple for winning a Stanley Cup since the probabilily of a Canadian team winning is far less than 1/2… but I think it’s the same principle. Just look at the flipside argument: does this theory explain why Canadian teams have won the Stanley cup when the Olympics were not hosted in the previous year? Didn’t think so! (Disclaimer: I don’t believe in this theory but I may have to change this post given how the Vancouver Canucks have been playing this year)

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